Hi there!  I’m delighted you’re here visiting my website and checking out my work.

My name’s Clara and I have a deep love and appreciation of photographing life’s most precious, authentic, and often simplest moments. I’m also an avid tea drinker, a collector of books (the library from Beauty and the Beast, anyone?), am extremely passionate about social justice, and a total nature lover.  My ideal date? A trip into the mountains, adventuring and exploring God’s green (though often white in Alberta), beautiful, and wild earth. 


I’m also a bit of an idealist, so I genuinely believe that there’s beauty in everything – in the quiet, simple moments of life and in the wild, adventurous, excitement of it all! As a photographer, one of my greatest joys is capturing and documenting these simple and extravagant moments of beauty.

My goal is to capture you and your loved ones in moments of authenticity – the giddy joy of being newly engaged, dancing under wide open prairie skies, the tenderness of sharing lifelong vows, the handcrafted details decorating table tops, the silliness shared with a bridal party, and the exuberance of partying late into the night surrounded by all your loved ones.

The authenticity and beauty of these moments are what excite me and bring me to life. So welcome to a little piece of my world, I hope you stay awhile and enjoy these moments that I've captured, and I look forward to potentially sharing an adventure with you!


- Clara Cecilia Hildebrand