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In addition to photography, I love creating art in many other mediums. Watercolours, line drawing, and calligraphy are a few of my favourites. Each print below is linked to my etsy shop (or find my shop directly here),
and please get in touch if you’d like to chat about a custom project!

the adventure collection

Adventure Alphabet | Watercolor Print | 11x14

Canoe Print | Let's Be Adventurers Print | 8x10

Woodland Creatures Set |
4 Nursery | Prints 5x7

A-Frame Cabin | Let's Be Adventurers Print | Watercolor Print 5x7

Mountain + Stars | Let's Be Adventurers Print | Watercolor Print 5x7

Campfire Light It Up | Let's Be Adventurers Print | Watercolor Print 5x7

the gold & floral collection

Henry Thoreau Quote | Gold Geometric Diamond Floral Print | Watercolor 8x10

Hold Fast | 1 Thessalonians 5:21 | Line Drawing Print

Hellen Keller Quote | Gold Geometric Octagon Floral Print | Watercolor 8x10

Seek Peace | Psalm 34:14 | Line Drawing Print

Mother Teresa Quote | Gold Geometric Hexagon Floral Print | Watercolor 8x10

I Am The Way | John 14:6 | Line Drawing Print

the plant collection

Home is Where My
Plants Are |
Watercolor Print 11x14

Aloe You Vera Much | Houseplant
Watercolor Print 5x7

Lookin' Sharp Cactus | Houseplant
Watercolor Print 5x7

String of Pearls | Houseplant
Watercolor Print 5x7

We're Mint To Be | Houseplant
Watercolor Print 5x7

Psalm 3:3 Shield |
Watercolor Print 5x7

the map collection

Banff Map Print | Map Print | Parks Canada | Canadian Map | Banff National Park 9x9


Edmonton City Map Print | Map Print | Yeg Print | Canadian Map 9x9