{ J & S wedding part I }

I am soooo ridiculously excited to introduce you to the newly married Jeff & Saige Kiers! You might remember these two from this adorable engagement shoot =]  I have to firstly say that I am so very thankful to these two for having me as their wedding photographer and for trusting me with such a precious day. This was my FIRST wedding, so I was nervous, giddy, excited, hyperventilating... and so on ;) so it meant sooo much that I was asked to do this wedding. I had an absolutely wonderful and fun experience shooting this beautiful day and I cannot thank the Kiers enough. It was truly an honour.

So here it is... Part I of the lovely Mr & Mrs Kiers' special day. Enjoy!

And this is how I found the boys getting "ready".... =]


 {   t  h  e   .   c  e  r  e  m  o  n  y   }