{ b + m engagement }

Michelle and Brent have known each other since Kindergarten. He was the boy that she crushed on all throughout elementary school and junior high. She was the kind of girl-next-door that he had always kept his eye on. Now they say that they always knew deep down that they were it for each other, and after meeting them, I'd have to agree wholeheartedly. Here's what they had to say about each other:

"When she smiles at me from across the room, my heart skips a beat. She is so beautiful in every way. Her personality lights up my life and I couldn't imagine being with anyone else but her."

"He's my best friend. He makes me feel safe and protected. Overall, I'm just head over heels in love with this man and I can't wait to marry him!" 

Aaaand, cue the "awww's" and "how sweet!" Trust me, you'll be on this same track as you scroll through these photos. This is a real-life, true love story that warms the heart and brings a smile, that not even Nicholas Sparks could duplicate.