These are some frames from a Jasper sunrise from earlier this year... and these still take my breath away. This girl, the lace dress, her hat, the crisp sunrise, the untamed rockies, all of it makes me love this creative work that I do!

I can't tell you as well, how excited I am that I'll be going on a slightly longer roadtrip with this beautiful soul from The Farmer's Daughter and we are going to Portland!! Eek! The excitement and the thrill for the adventure awaiting us is so so real. And yes, we are unashamedly going to take a million photos, eat our fill, go to beautiful, quiet libraries, and geek out over all the beautiful things that Portland has to offer. 

Here's to many more adventures and these hashtags: #kcliveauthentic 
(And yes, we did make our own hashtag... There is absolutely no shame.)