white lightning [rogers place]

Okay, so a bit of a break from what I've been posting lately... but I love this band and I love photographing their shows! These guys are so talented and fun and such great friends and it's been such a fun ride getting to see them grow and evolve and make wicked awesome music over the years that I've known them :)

Aaaaand it was super cool that they got to be the first to test out Edmonton's new Roger's Place arena out with a secret concert before it opened to the public! And I'm not gonna lie... I felt super cool being part of it. Hehe! The line, "I'm here with the band," doesn't get old (for me anyways) cause it makes me feel super cool and hip and just by confessing this, I realize that I am totally losing all cool & hip cred right now, but I DON'T EVEN CARE because it was such a fun night! 

So here it is. The secret, first test show at the Roger's Place, where yours truly got to be on stage and photograph a super awesome local band (check them out HERE) and rocked out with them with my baby bump and all!