jenna + travis + one [astotin lake]

These two + 1 are some of my favourite people in the world :) 

It might sound a little middle school, but J+T are our bffs! I don't normally share a lot of personal stuff on here, but I have to give a little back story here to share just how special these two are to me and how excited and in love with I am with their little baby already...

Caleb (my amazing husband) and Travis have been best friends since childhood. And I met Jenna in Bible College where we became best friends, which is also where Caleb and I met and fell in love... and then after Caleb and I did a year of long-distance dating while I was living in Vancouver with Jenna and Caleb was living in Edmonton with Travis (it gets a little convoluted here, I know, but stick with me...), my awesome soul sista decided to take a leap of faith and moved to Edmonton with me so that I could be closer to Caleb, where she then met Travis. (you still with me?) And yes, Caleb and I thought it would be AMAZING if our best friends would also get together and we could just be a merry little gang of 4 best friends all in love... and then in actually happened. And it was amazing. And we're basically the best matchmakers ever, because then they stood up beside us at our wedding, we stood up with them at theirs a year after, we all graduated from UofA together, we currently live 5 minutes from each other, they got pregnant 7 weeks before us, and really - they're just the best. (did we get through that alright?)

We have done so much life alongside these amazing people and I can't even begin to share how full my heart is that we get to walk alongside them in our greatest adventure yet as we all embark towards parenthood. It is such a blessing!

& It's crazy & it's nuts & often, I still can't wrap my head around it.

I can't believe the four of us went from being a bunch of silly, crazy-in-love, broke college kids who went on too many midnight McDonalds and Wendys runs... to this.

But we're doing it together and our darling little babies don't stand a chance.
They'll be best friends just like their parents :)

And I can't think of a couple who will be better parents, who are more deserving of such a precious and special gift from the Giver of all things. Who will love their little one so fully and completely with the love of Christ. And it truly is one of the biggest blessings and joys for us to walk with them through this. 

So now that I'm done gushing... here's the best of the best.

Jenna + Travis + one super loved little baby (aka. the future best friend of our baby).