kelsey [edmonton ice castles]

There's a new snow queen in town, and her name is Kelsey! Elsa can move over, she really needs to just let it go.... hahaha, sorry, sorry! Oh dear.... Anyways, Kels only seems to visit Edmonton in winter, so thankfully her visit this year lined up with the Ice Castles being around so that I could show her how epic and wonderful the cold really is!! ;) Not sure how well I convinced her as I got her to wear this lace romper in the cold and went snap happy while she stood there shivering... but I think these photos were worth it. Rightttt? She really is such a trooper, this girl, and she's one of my favourite subjects to photograph. Sending all the warm fuzzies to this gorgeous girl this Valentines for being my muse & rockin' this icy photoshoot!